Privacy Policy - SCHUFA regulation

You hereby consent to the disclosure of Your personal data to SCHUFA (SCHUFA Holding AG, Kormoranweg 5, D-65201 Wiesbaden) for the purpose of verifying my identity. You understand that SCHUFA will then report the degree of conformity of the data provided by You with the data contained in its records as a percentage and, if applicable, the advice of a proof of legitimation backed by an identity card, executed by SCHUFA or an other contract partner in the past to Us. On the basis of the results provided by SCHUFA, We may thus determine whether an individual is registered in the SCHUFA database at the address indicated by You. No further data will be exchanged. No alternative addresses will be reported, nor will Your data be stored in the SCHUFA records. Only the fact that Your address has been checked will be kept on record by SCHUFA.

Further information is available at